Each client is different and each coaching relationship follows its own unique path.  However, some patterns have developed and I’ve honed materials over the years.  I can make a few predictions about how things go.

First:  I will send you a packet of questions to answer.  There are the predictable questions about your name, address, phone number.  I also ask you about who are the important people in your life, how you deal with stress, etc.  This helps me to get to know you and to shape our conversations based on what is important to you.  Our coaching relationship is going to cover your whole life, not just the career portion.

I have created a workbook of exercises, questions, ideas to ponder. You will work on it between calls. It breaks down the process of creating a touchstone to guide your work. The touchstone includes your values, purpose, vision, and mission.  You’ll also have a chance to create a set of principles for living and decision-making.  These touchstones are amazingly inspiring and the exercises are building blocks to get you there.

While you are doing the workbook, we are also having conversations about what you’re discovering and you are shaping your life according to those lessons. Homework will often include a list of people to call, books to read, topics to explore, or actions to take.

At the end of the workbook, there is a strategic plan that moves you in the direction you want to go. It is less business plan and more of a direction to take and I encourage periodic reviews and updates.

At the end of six months, you should be clear about which direction you’re taking and what are the first few steps to take.  Most people report that their lives have greatly improved and they have new inspiration!