You went to law school because you wanted to make a difference, for yourself, your family, your firm, and the world. Maybe you got off track.

With so many pressures, you may have begun to wonder:

How can I be me and still be a lawyer? 

Or you might have a clear vision of what it would look like and you just need some structure and support to get there.

J. Kim Wright almost didn’t become a lawyer, until she met a lawyer who inspired her.  He showed her that she, too, could practice law and be herself, make the difference she wanted to make. After many years of enjoyable law practice, she redesigned her life to support other lawyers in designing fulfilling, happy lives that make a difference.

For thirty years, Kim has consistently worked to improve the legal profession (which started and continues with Kim doing her own personal work).  

She realizes that a lot of lawyers are looking outside of themselves for the answers. Many believe that surely there is a magic formula, a switch to flip. Maybe the answers are in a book. Maybe a different practice area will make the difference.

Kim provides a structure for inquiry and support for the journey to self-discovery and applying lessons to the legal profession. She evolved her own practice, explored and discovered new models for practice, and designed a life that is truly extraordinary. She will help you find your unique path.

Since 2008 (with a pandemic break in 2020 & 2021), Kim has traveled around the world, meeting hundreds of lawyers who have stepped off the predictable path and have designed fulfilling, creative, and profitable lives and law practices.  She has written two books, published by the American Bar Association, has woven together a movement among lawyers, and has circumnavigated the world several times.  She has reinvented herself many times, including in response to the pandemic when most of her work became virtual. 

Isn’t it time that you took control of your life and designed the life that you deserve?

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