Packages and Rates

My minimum coaching package is 6 months for new clients.  Existing clients may extend in shorter time blocks.


With this package, we’ll talk for about an hour every month. In each monthly call, we’ll move a few steps down the path together.  You’ll have homework which we will review on each call.  We will explore how the content is shaping your plan, and set out the tasks and goals for the next month.   The homework will be tailored to your circumstances.  The phone calls will help us zero in on the best actions, resources, and people to contact. I will give you some assignments which could include questions in a workbook, research, reading, watching videos, or making telephone calls. I may even introduce you to some people and ask you have coffee with them.  You will complete the assignments and send me email reports.

Package price for six months of service is US$4,500 for six months.  May be paid $750 per month by PayPal subscription.   10% discount for prepayment.  ($4,000)

NOTE:  If you’re really committed and in a hurry to make some decisions, we can meet weekly or biweekly instead of monthly. In that case, expect to work hard!


Some people just like to dig deep and pay intense attention. If that’s you, this is your package.  In addition to the monthly phone calls, we will schedule an intensive, at a time to be scheduled in the next 3-9 months.  We’ll mutually agree on a date, including whether to schedule at the beginning, middle, or end of your package, whether to include others (such as coworkers or like-minded colleagues).

If travel restrictions allow, we can schedule the intensive in person. The location can be at one of my exotic stops on the nomad trail, at your US home location, or you can choose a retreat location.  I’ll take care of my own domestic US travel expenses, and you’ll provide the meeting place of your choice. For international destinations, you will pay for travel.

In our calls, in addition to the coaching experience, we’ll explore the content that we can cover in an intensive.  I’ll bring my toolbox of workshop topics and my extensive list of resources.

Small law firms might want to consider using the VIP PREMIUM PACKAGE as a firm retreat for implementing new office policies.  It can be a launch event for a new practice, a coaching program leading up to a community event, or something unique we create together.  Maybe we’ll do a community workshop on a topic you want to be known for.

Package price for coaching calls, plus the intensive, is US$10,000 for six months.  This may be paid by making a downpayment of $2,500 then $1,250 per month by PayPal subscription.   10% discount for prepayment.  


These packages can be adapted to your circumstances.  Talk to me about what you need and how I can help.

If you want to share the package with a colleague, we can add someone to our calls and emails at a discounted rate.

I also offer the intensive as a stand-alone when I am in your city.  Some discounts are offered to some legal aid or lawyers who live outside the US.